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Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang (en)

Kenali dan Kunjungi objek Wisata di Pandeglang is the canopy tour one of the vigorous campaign carried out in Pandeglang. Recognize Pandeglang because it is one district in Banten province, Indonesia, where many have interesting tourist objects for your visit. Flanked by Pandeglang District of Serang District in the north, Lebak District in the East, the Sunda Strait to the west and the Indian Ocean in the South. Territory includes Panaitan Island (in the west, separated by the Strait Panaitan), and a number of small islands in the Indian Ocean, including Deli and Tinjil Islands. Ujung Kulon Peninsula is one of the leading tourist attraction in Pandeglang at the westernmost tip of Java island, where there is a game reserve for protected animals one; one-horned rhino is now almost extinct. Interesting is not it, for it was through blogs Pandeglang know let us recognize and visit tourist attraction in Pandeglang.

Approximately 114 Km from the capital Jakarta, visit the District Pandeglang with several alternative routes. Identify the fastest one of them by Tol Jakarta - Merak through the exit of Western Serang, by passing through the capital of Banten, Serang - Pandeglang highway is the nearest route could take the vehicle for about 20 minutes. Along this road stretch identify areas of paddy fields, typical diner food and "saung" or hut for shelter or rest. Pandeglang market will greet before you visit the city center is marked by the presence of Pandeglang Square as a means of socializing sport for surrounding residents. With us identify and visit tourist objects in Pandeglang closer, the more tourist objects in Pandeglang for we know. One thing is the reason why we should identify and visit tourist objects in Pandeglang is after you visit the city sights Pandeglang is Crag Mountain on background to the west which is one of several other interesting tourist objects in Pandeglang. There is 4 access routes in and out of Pandeglang First the Serang-Pandeglang highway in the North, Rangkasbitung highway in the East, Labuan highway in the South and Mount Reef tourist road to the west. This will help if we want to identify and visit tourist attractions in Pandeglang further.

Around Pandeglang city, there is Rangkasbitung, city transit to and from Bandung or Jakarta as an alternative path to reach Pandeglang where there is Railway transportation from Jakarta as a transport option to visit Pandeglang. Rangkasbitung highway no less unique, lots of different stalls and pavilion with snack treats for your special visit with family. Last but not least Labuan city because it is one of the city's economy centers on Pandeglang district. So let's get familiar and visit tourist attractions in Pandeglang now.

CAS Waterpark
CAS WaterparkApproximately 10 minutes from the town square of Pandeglang invite families to visit water tourist attraction CAS Waterpark Pandeglang Jl. East Cross AMD, Sukaratu, Kp. Cikole, Kec. Majasari. Recognize this tourism object because it has so many exciting rides such as the Village area Baduy, Alap Alap Baduy, Outer SpaceCar, Outbond and others. CAS Waterpark is equipped with 4 pieces main pool, pool ball Vehicle, Vehicle Pool wavy, Bike Barn Vehicle, Motor Vehicle Kids, Kids FunRide, Tourism Shopping and Accessories. In addition there are objects Culinary Tours, Swan Lake With Floating Warung 25, Area Animal Park, Saung, Building, Park(free for use) and public facilities such as the Small Mosque, Canteen, Locker Room and spacious parking area and comfort.

Pemandian CikoromoyFrom Pandeglang highway toward Labuan ±12km try to visit the tourist mountain spring Cikoromoy to remove fatigue after a busy big city. There are two entry points to reach the tourist area famous spring in Pandeglang, ie from the direction Mengger Pandeglang-up to the Mandalawangi, before reaching Mandalawangi turn left, or enter from the Sub-Cikoromoy Cimanuk through the village roads that are not too large, becareful on that pathway is often crowded by begging along the road. Cikoromoy tourist baths(swimming pool), located in District Cimanuk, Batu Bantar Village , Pandeglang district. Recognize this place because quite cool, there are two natural pool with very clear water flows directly from mountain springs Pulosari. Clean water is frequently used by people around to irrigate the fields, keeping goldfish, tilapia, mujair, gurami and others. All around the pond is up a lot of places to eat where the menu offers a la sunda, special menus are very inspiring traditional tastes, such as gurami "bakar", fried fish, vegetables tamarind, pepper "angeun", and others. The fish was still fresh, because it directly from the local pond and immediately processed on the spot. In addition to the objects of the natural pond, outside the established tourist sites are also two other bathing pool, one managed by local communities and others managed by Disparda Pandeglang District. At Cikoromoy area also try to visit other tourist attractions, namely the Quran Stone Pilgrimage. This place can be reached from the direction of Pandeglang through the entrance Mengger line, before we enter Cikoromoy area, on the right area with a little down the valley.

Pemandian CitamanApproaching tourist visit Labuan Citaman, natural baths and archaeological sites with beautiful scenery all around. Citaman itself is a megalithic pool, located on the slopes of Mount Pulosari, Sukasari Village, Sub Menes, District Pandeglang. In the pond there are several kinds of stone mortar (dakon) and foreign ceramic shards. This pool is divided into 2 parts one part for men and one section for women. This pond is about 350 m2. In the megalithic era, this pond is used as a place to purify themselves before performing a ritual in which "goong" stones were. Batu Goong Citaman site located west of the Kadu Hill, Mount Pulosari. Based on research showing stone objects Goong, Citaman site is a complex unity of culture and period. At the site visit is also an object "Bergores" stone, besides that it also found pottery shards, instantly recognizable among white ceramic oldest comes from the late 16th century AD. There were also fragments of the expected area of the 9th century AD. It is said that, according to local residents every "maulid" night goong rocks produces a sound resembling the sound of the gong sounded to one village.

Mata Air CikajayaanDiscover the region closer have citaman tourist eternal wellspring Cikajayaan. This spring is one of the sources of water that is said is believed to provide success and glory for whom to drink it. This source is located not far from where the stone was and ponds goong citaman or is between them. Also at the same time visit the site object hole in the stone. Know the stone with a hole in this complex because it is a relic of the time of Hindu - Buddhist and formed by the dripping water from 8 roots hanging from a tree.

Pantai Carita
Pantai CaritaPassing through the town towards the North Labuan not forget to visit tourist attractions other beautiful, Carita Beach. Recognize this beach because it has a base material of white sand with a slightly brownish and Mount Anak Krakatau on the background. Located on an alternative tour route Cilegon - Labuan road, Carita can be achieved through the Jakarta-Merak Toll road and exit West Cilegon gate. Carita Beach has its pros and its own charm, but is rich in tourism culture. Carita Beach also relies on her beautiful, distant, and offered a million tourist charm sea and tourism that can attract natural whoever visitors. Visit the area at the edge of the Sunda Strait is due to become an alternative for urban residents and the surrounding areas to release the sense of fatigue after a week doing routine activities. Here, visitors can conduct various activities such as swimming in the ocean, fishing, playing Jetsky, banana boats, surfboards, beach volleyball, boating, or just sit back to enjoy the waves and sea breeze. In addition to offering beautiful beach, Carita Beach has a choice of hotels or cottages along the coast, ranging from hotels to grade class star jasmine all available here.

Curug Gendang
Curug GendangCarita highway, a distance of 9 kilometers takes about 30 minutes drive not forget to visit the waterfall Curug Gendang, located in the tourist area not far from Perhutani Karangsari Carita Beach. Vehicles must be left in the parking lot where visitors want to enjoy the clarity of the water Curug Gendang must would "wiggle-ria" aka foot. Discover the gravel path and slippery due to moisture lowland forests that are always wet roads. Located at an altitude of 170 meters above sea level and far from the city, waterfalls roar with spring water from Mount Pangajaran upstream was very charming. High waterfall with a depth of 7 meters 13 meters and 10 meters wide in the area Carita Beach Pandeglang District Banten Province was named Curug Gendang. "Curug" means waterfall and according to local belief, the sound of the waterfall is falling very much like the sound of Gendang or Drum. Initially this waterfall called Curug Citajur, ultimately better known as Curug Gendang.

About one kilometer journey winding, climbing and descending to the location will be an unforgettable experience because of the way, visitors can enjoy the beautiful stretch of scenery. Discover the variety of plants that grow wild, like a durian tree and bring forth the natural cool atmosphere. The chirp of a bird also various animals such as monkeys roam freely give the impression of Curug Gendang location. Not only that, from the path at this altitude, scenery of mountains and slopes toward "Curug" the edge of the abyss looks spreading ocean, the green of the trees in the foothills of Mount even Krakatoa was visible in the distance form the landscape a very exotic. Arriving at the scene, the roar and splash of waterfalls Curug Gendang began greeting. Pure water to make any visitor eager to enjoy a soak tired legs after walking. The water was fresh and cool, want to submerge your whole body feels aka bath. At certain times, if there happens to be the children of local people to visit Curug Gendang, there is a kind of attractions from which they free fall and swim under a waterfall. They're very good at doing that. In the vicinity of this location are also available area which is often used by visitors for camping with only paying 10,000 rupiah (about 1 dollar) per person for one night. For those who want to feel the adventure in the great outdoors, stay in the location of Curug Gendang is the right choice.

Tanjung Lesung (Lesung Capecoast)
Tanjung LesungFarther south of Labuan turn west also visit tourist Lesung Capecoast. There are two alternative routes that can be taken to reach Tanjung Lesung, ie through the exit EastSerang gate Jakarta-Merak toll road in the direction to the Labuan Pandeglang and takes less than 2 hours or through the exit Eastern Cilegon gate toward Carita then continue to Labuan. Get to know them because they offer a different driving sensation at all the rice paddies, hills and mountains, and other beautiful coastal area. Before reaching the area on the way from Labuan town, greeted visitors and vendors cocoa farmers cocoa seedlings in the street and many-toned fishing village where the salt taste sensation of its own. Lesung Cape Coast itself has a panoramic and beautiful natural beaches of white sand and rocky unique. Peaceful atmosphere and calm conditions and clear water in tourist areas are very supportive of water sports activities like snorkeling, diving, jet skis, banana boats, glass bottom boat, water ski, wakeboard, sunset boat trip, sea kayaking, pedal boating, fishing and diving lesson.

Tanjung Lesung ResortIn addition to water activities, it also provides a variety of land activities such as Krakatoa trip with a duration of 6 hours, Ujung Kulon trip with a duration of 8 hours, horseriding, horsetrekking, horse bathing and picturetaking. In the northern part of the promontory is not very steep hills. Here is part protrudes into the sea to form a lagoon beach, the sea water as a lake formed covering 12 ha and a depth up to 5 meters of water conditions so calm. Green nature and the wind and white sandy beach and choice of hotel facilities with a variety of natural shades to make anyone reluctant patrons to leave and continue to stay longer and hope someday you come back again.

Bama Coast
Also visit also Bama Beach, a tourist area which was prepared for underwater destinations. Recognize that many marine parks around the island are Popole and Liwungan. Recognize also a variety of marine animals, ornamental fish, coral reefs and unique beauty.

Ciputih Coast
Pantai CiputihTurned to the west try to visit the coastal tourist area located on the western tip of Java island. Explore the beautiful white sand beach like Legon Beach, Wells Beach, Muara Baru Tanjungan Beach, Langun Dadap Beach, Panjang Beach and Long Keusik and Ciputih Coast and small islands which have beautiful sea floor such as Umang Island, Oar Island, Mangir Island and Badoer Island.

Ujung Kulon National Park
Pantai Ujung KulonMore to the South-West direction does not miss to visit Ujung Kulon National Park is located in the westernmost part of Java Island, Indonesia. Identify areas including protected forests and vast waters. This area also includes areas of Krakatoa and the surrounding small islands such as Handeuleum Island, Peucang Island, Panaitan Island, North and Honje Mount Jaya Park with total area of 136.655 ha. National Park became the first National Park was established in Indonesia, and also been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage (Natural World HeritageSite) in 1992. Ujung Kulon itself was initially an agricultural area for several days until finally destroyed and exterminated the entire population by the tsunami as Mount Krakatoa erupted on August 27, 1883 on the back turn this area into the forest.

Recognize also Ujung Kulon National Park because it is a habitat and shelter several endangered species including the threatened extinction is the Javan rhino(Rhinoceros sondaicus). Until now approximately 50 to 60 rhinos live in these habitats.
There are also types of flora and fauna other Rare . Permission to go to visit this National Park can be obtained at the National Park Headquarters in Labuan or Tamanjaya City. The inn where you can visit is available on the island of Handeuleum and Peucang

Panaitan Island
Pulau PanaitanNorth of Ujung Kulon try and identify Panaitan visit, is a tourist object of the island located in the west Java Sea, including the area of Ujung Kulon National Park. Between the island and the island of Java Panaitan bounded by the Strait of Panaitan. Administratively, the island was included in Pandeglang Regency, Banten. In Panaitan hills are covered by forests shelter a variety of wildlife, like deer, wild pigs, monkeys, snakes phyton and the birds. Identify several types of aquatic animals such as freshwater crocodiles and giant lizards can also be found here. One of the high hill in this tourist attractions area known as Mount Raksa, which can be found the statues ancient Hindu in the peak. Panaitan Island coastline dotted with sand beach wide spread naturally creates some tourist locations such as underwater diving scuba to enjoy the coral reefs and have great waves for surfers visit. Identify one of the famous dive sites in this tourist area of coral reefs near Legon bald Stone Butun spot. However, due to strong currents and natural factors other diving around the island of Panaitan not recommended for novice divers.

Mount Karang
Gunung KarangPandeglang west and try to visit the Mount Karang identify passive form of the mountain which had so long slept until now a mainstay tourism Pandeglang area. One is the famous "seven wells" which consists of the formation of colorful mountain crater and is believed to give efficacy to the use of water.

CisolongIn the tourist area of Mount Karang Bathing also visit the hot springs of sulfur Cisolong tourist attraction. Discover the natural bathing with hot water sulfur springs from the Mount Karang, located in District Kaduhejo 10 km from City Pandeglang.

And many more places or areas other interesting tourist objects that have not been widely exposed to the media and are still waiting to be introduced to everyone in order to identify and visit the tourist attraction in Pandeglang. Therefore the more you know the tourist objects in Pandeglang, the easier and you want to Know and Visit Tourist Object in Pandeglang.

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